Available as an enterprise solution, ADMIRAL is the flagship mobile platform that helps you manage sales, clients, and marketing material from one centralized point. Create custom presentations that can be changed on the fly, during a meeting. And with easy-to-use tools for follow-ups, scheduling, and contacts, nothing will ever fall through the cracks.

Meeting Builder

The power of the iPad as a meeting and presentation tool is fully realized with MEETING BUILDER. Create custom presentations using virtual any file format, including excel, video, pdfs and more. A client wants to see material you don’t have in your presentation? No problem. Seamlessly add the material to the Meeting Plan while you’re presenting.


WheelhouseEd is the online eLearning platform developed by Wheelhouse Analytics to deliver education and training content to anyone who serves the financial services industry. As a software-as-a-service platform, the WheelhouseEd interface is easy to use and navigate giving your employees access to current and practical content provided by industry experts from across multiple disciplines.

Distribution Analytics

Powerful intermediary oversight and contract management tools and a robust Distribution Analytics suite gives firms the ability to answer some of the most important questions facing distribution executives.