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Wheelhouse Analytics is really doing a great job building the pathway to the future of wealth management, because of first of all our unique position in the marketplace, second of all our applications and then third of all people.

I believe at Wheelhouse we’re in a unique position. I mentioned our tenure in the industry itself, but it’s also a matter of speed.

We can look across the universe of possibilities, see what people want, what they need, and we can very quickly identity solutions that don’t take a heck of a lot of time to implement.

I’ve been here several years now and the growth of the company has been exciting to watch to say the least, and particularity on the analytics side because the need, as I mentioned before, I think we’re in the third inning, and there’s a tremendous need out there with what we had to offer.

The types of people we’re hiring it’s interesting, because we need individuals obviously with mathematical backgrounds to build dashboards and solutions for not only the basic analytics, but now as we get into predictive analytics that’s a whole other level of individual talent that we’re also looking to bring into Wheelhouse, and that’s really exciting.

John Ryan

John Ryan

Chief Administration Officer at Wheelhouse Analytics
John brings to Wheelhouse Analytics a diverse background of entrepreneur, corporate leadership, and sales and sales management. Prior to joining Wheelhouse Analytics, John spent 17 years in mortgage banking. He is the co-founder of two national mortgage companies; Guardian Loan Company and Epic Management Group, and was the VP of Sales for National Finance Corporation. His early career includes 5 years as a fixed income product specialist with Northern Capital Securities in Andover, MA.

John is involved in all aspects of the business including business development, legal, HR, budget and finance, vendor management, and the day-to-day operations for Wheelhouse Analytics.
John Ryan

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