Frank Coates, CEO of Wheelhouse Analytics says….”read more books”

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Frank Coates, CEO of Wheelhouse Analytics says….”read more books”.

Frank has compiled a list of 20 must read books recommended by financial services industry leaders, friends, and colleagues. Click here for the downloadable pdf version What Leaders Are Reading vol 1



John Ryan

John Ryan

Chief Administration Officer at Wheelhouse Analytics
John brings to Wheelhouse Analytics a diverse background of entrepreneur, corporate leadership, and sales and sales management. Prior to joining Wheelhouse Analytics, John spent 17 years in mortgage banking. He is the co-founder of two national mortgage companies; Guardian Loan Company and Epic Management Group, and was the VP of Sales for National Finance Corporation. His early career includes 5 years as a fixed income product specialist with Northern Capital Securities in Andover, MA.

John is involved in all aspects of the business including business development, legal, HR, budget and finance, vendor management, and the day-to-day operations for Wheelhouse Analytics.
John Ryan

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