Wheelhouse Analytics Releases Admiral 2.0

Jan 22, 2014 | Press

January 22, 2014

Wheelhouse Analytics, a leader in mobile sales enablement platforms and tools introduces Admiral 2.0.

A new “easy mode” user interface allows users to easily navigate the powerful functionality of Admiral directly from the home screen. In “easy mode” you will see today’s calendar of your upcoming scheduled meetings, as well as “quick launch” buttons that bring you straight to Admiral’s key features with one tap. Wheelhouse has also added a Message Center on the home screen. This feature allows Wheelhouse’s enterprise clients to post messages to their Admiral users. Other new features include:

  • Salesforce.com users now have one-tap easy access to their Salesforce.com org
  • Easily access Discovery Data advisor profile information
  • Performance optimization and security enhancements


“We realized early on that a simple and easy to use interface was the key to keeping the mobile sales person engaged and focused on delivering a great meeting. Admiral 2.0 fulfills that. With minimum effort, it allows the sales person more time to engage with clients and less time doing admin work while recording every key metric about the meeting.” – Todd Buck, President, Wheelhouse Analytics

ADMIRAL is a one-stop command center that models the best practices of the sales elite. Using our iPad app and online platform, Admiral provides structure, context, and tools to support the entire sales cycle – from meeting prep to presentation to meeting close, and everything in between. Integrating with key enterprise systems such as CRM means it’s never been easier to capture good information about what’s happening in the field.

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John Ryan

John Ryan

Chief Administration Officer at Wheelhouse Analytics
John brings to Wheelhouse Analytics a diverse background of entrepreneur, corporate leadership, and sales and sales management. Prior to joining Wheelhouse Analytics, John spent 17 years in mortgage banking. He is the co-founder of two national mortgage companies; Guardian Loan Company and Epic Management Group, and was the VP of Sales for National Finance Corporation. His early career includes 5 years as a fixed income product specialist with Northern Capital Securities in Andover, MA.

John is involved in all aspects of the business including business development, legal, HR, budget and finance, vendor management, and the day-to-day operations for Wheelhouse Analytics.
John Ryan

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